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Dawlance 9188 Metallic Designer Series Wide Body Design for maximum storage at eye level.


Retains Cooling
Thick insulation allows retain ability of cooling and freshness for longer periods even in case of power failures.
Shelf Strength 
Durable shelves- can hold weight upto 60 kgs.

Work effevtively even at 50 'C
Copper condenser- makes it possible for Dawlance refrigerators to work effectively even at severe temperatures like 50 degrees Centigrade.
5 Pipe Oil Cool Compressor 
Imported compressor from Matsushita of Japan, with 5 pipes oil-cool mechanism.

Copper Condensor
Efficient oil cool compressor combined with copper condenser for;
a. Great cooling performance even at 50 degrees Centigrade
b. Enhancing the compressor life





  • Moisture Control Plate
  • Fully Auto-Defrost System
  • Anti-Rust Japanese Metallic Do
  • Honey Comb Double Deodorizer
  • Anti Rust Japanese Metallic Do
  • Size: 14 Cu-ft
  • Weight: 21Kg
  • Dimensions: (WxDxH)mm 480x485x660
  • Frost: No

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